Episode 15: Saul is a Seer

Alexis and Mallory catch up on the last few months’ worth of Wizarding World news, focusing on the more disappointing of the bunch in the Suitcase.

  • We kick off with an excerpt from “Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash,” or the AI-generated Harry Potter chapter that had us rolling around laughing. If you have no patience for frivolity, skip to minute 3.
  • There’s a film title! Locations! Casting! And confirmation that yes, Saul Marquez of bookstacked.com fame is, indeed, a seer!
  • A hilarious snafu in the house editions, probably due to some Intern picking up a tidbit from the Internet (a Most Reputable Source), and we can’t help but laugh
  • More editions
  • Um, kind of an awesome VR RPG mobile app ????? Will this be a dream or a disappointment ???
  • The foot in mouth diseased Yates and the words he used in explaining the casting of Grindelwald. Plus: Rowling’s take on everything with a dash of Heyman. We added a sprinkle of Radcliffe to sweeten the problematic pie.
  • Dumbledore is Gay and We Might Not Know it in This Film
  • Next time: unanswerable questions people ask about the Harry Potter universe when they’re high, and our answers when we’re not high!

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