Episode 14: Happy Birthday Every One

Mallory and Alexis celebrate 1 year of podcasting on our boy Harry’s own birthday! They discuss a good chunk of news alongside fun Potter party games.

  • Jack Thorne, the writer of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, will be rewriting Star Wars 9
  • Filming for Fantastic Beasts 2 is underway… and we know some new plot details!
  • Including a wizarding circus. Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy.
  • Are there new Harry Potter books being released?!?!?! (Saved you a click: not really, no)
  • Some wizarding world extensions and deletions…
  • Link to the theory Mallory mentioned
  • The “Polyjuice Potion” game, where we try to guess characters the other has written down
  • Would you rather? Wizarding style.
  • Personal fandom experience kinda questions where we dive into some wizard rockery 🙂

We hope to be able to continue podcasting at least once a month (or until the news really ramps up!), so chuck us your ideas for episode themes!

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