Episode 3: The Diggory Dilemma

Part 2 of Mallory and Alexis’ discussion of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, covering new and minor characters and parts of the plot that stood out to us, for better or for worse.

  • Draco calling out the trio
  • brave Scorpius and Albus: Very Much the Son of Harry Potter
  • the Delphi dilemma: difference between first encountering her on stage vs. in script, her purpose: more than a convenient intro to a past villain?
  • Delphi theory: related to Isolt Sayre? Veela?
  • Dumbledore’s redemption
  • Cedric. Diggory. and the mangled attempt at a theme about spares, his purpose in the novels vs the play
  • Snape: inauthentic fan service redemption?
  • the difference between Amos on stage and on page
  • the unjust use of Craig*
  • Slytherin house redemption, mixed house attributes
  • *and Panju, casualty of plot necessities (save Panju)
  • the fallacy of Delphi’s prophecy
  • lil plot things: old folk’s home, trolly witch, Voldemort day, thank Dumbledore
  • introducing a new show segment of just Scorpius quotes, because why not

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